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Told from the perspective of a tactical fighter pilot and seasoned entrepreneur, you will relate to the author’s no nonsense approach.

Subjects include basic and improvement skills of communication:

▪ appearance
▪ nonverbal & verbal
▪ technology communications
▪ conversation tips
▪ public and group speaking

Whether you are an experienced executive or an aspiring superstar, you will benefit from this book!

"This book puts together simple principles about business that somehow, many of us find ourselves lacking much of the time. This book will definitely get you pumped up about being the best you can be and succeeding at your goals."

Laura Young

      G-Suit & Helmet Not Required
4 Secrets of Doing Business Like a Fighter Pilot


Have you ever thought what it might be like to think and act like a fighter pilot?  This simple and easy to read book will reveal the secrets.


Revealed - Experiences of a USAF fighter pilot and how they were implemented in entrepreneurial success!


Available from Amazon and Kindle


La Guia del Piloto de Combate Para los Negocios

4 Secretos Para Ser Exitoso!!


Este libro es muy sencillo y fácil de leer, utiliza las experiencias de un piloto de combate de la USAF y las aplica al negocio empresarial.


Translated to Spanish from G Suit & Helmet Not Required - 4 Secrets of Doing Business Like a Fighter Pilot.                    ISBN-978-1500820718

Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen
A Cookbook for Every Man
(formerly - Some Men Can Cook - Some Men Can Watch TV & Some Men Can Do Both)              
Secrets of the Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen


Welcome to the man's kitchen guide. - This book will open the kitchen for the fighter pilot in all of us.

No question about it.  A man belongs in the kitchen as much as he belongs on the couch watching his favorite team on TV.  So men, belly up to the counter on the other side of the kitchen food bar and get busy.



Changes The Book  
A Remembrance Of Sorts


This little book will help you remember some items you may have forgotten, or it may reveal to you items of interest from before your time.  In either case, you will enjoy the brief respite at a point in history where technology had arrived, almost...


Some of the many little things that have changed for many of us...."8 tracks, in the late 60’s changed the car instantly.  For many years, small town America could expect a night of “cruising the drag.”  This was a Friday night occurrence..."


...a popzebook for every man


Popze IcePopIt Recipes from the author of Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen. These recipes are perfectly designed to complement all sorts of Popsicle makers, but are specifically designed to work well with the Popze IcePopIt Frozen Dessert Maker System, also from Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen            ISBN- 978-1511656054

As a USAF Fighter pilot tunred entrepreneur, Phil has the requisite credibility to address the very most important aspects of communicating.  you absolutely cannot be with this book.


This is the perfect companion to always getting it right.  In every situation, from starting a conversation, to scoring big in an interview, to giving a talk in front of hundreds, even the new age of social media, this book addresses the do’s and dont’s.


This book is organized in the style of a USAF Pilot’s Handbook, called a “Dash One” in a way that is easy to follow, engaging and fun.

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